When it comes to both residential and industrial applications, polished concrete flooring is recognized as the most efficient solution. Not only it is resistant to stain and durable, but polished concrete can be extremely attractive to the eye thanks to its properties that reflect light. And now, it’s among the most wanted flooring selections partly because of the great advantages that this flooring type offers and mainly because of its aesthetics. Keep on reading to discover more about what concrete polishing in Phoenix AZ is all about.  

What is Polished Concrete? 

First of all, let us define polished concrete. Polished concrete is basically concrete that’s treated with a particular concrete densifier that seals concrete pores, leading to a smoother appearance. Then, concrete contractors use grinding tools to achieve a light-reflective effect and that much-wanted shininess. It depends on the customer’s preference to select whether they want a shinier polish or a more exposed aggregate. 

What are the benefits of polished concrete flooring? 

You can get numerous benefits with polished concrete that make it unique and stand out compared to other floor types. Given the used modern technology for changing concrete into an aesthetically pleasant and very smooth flooring, clients can take advantage of the features listed below: 

  • It works well with radiant floor heating systems 

One of the best features about this flooring type is that it can be used easily with radiant floor heating systems because of its good properties of thermal conducting. 

  • It’s easy to maintain 

A polished concrete floor won’t be requiring you to get a major maintenance task. In fact, it only needs to be swept and mopped every day so that the accumulation of dirt can be provided. When your floor finish is a high gloss, you’ll need to damp mop it sometimes to guarantee that the gloss will not go away.  

  • It’s long-lasting 

Polished concrete is known to have a long lifespan, which could last for approximately ten years without requiring any extreme maintenance, provided that it’s installed and maintained appropriately during the decade. In most instances, polished concretes have a longer lifespan compared to wood laminate or carpet flooring.  

  • It’s very durable 

One of the best things about this flooring type is that it’s very durable that it will not be very impacted by extreme foot traffic. Floor damage is quite impossible with this, and no chips nor scratches can impact its aesthetics.  

  • It’s very affordable 

Since polished concrete is among the most popular and prevalent flooring types these days, it is very affordable. However, it still depends on the difficulty level and if you already have an existing slab concrete that just needs to be stained and finished.  

  • It does not utilize toxic chemicals 

Undoubtedly, polished concrete is an eco-friendly option that does not utilize any toxic cleaners, adhesives, or chemicals in its maintenance or installation. Other good benefits that this flooring type can offer include improved ambient lighting, abrasion resistance, and resistance to moisture given that it’s finished and sealed appropriately.