When your property is an AirBnB or a rental that’s not occupied all the time, the listed tips below are crucial in preventing a cracked septic tank or frozen pipes. If you want to know more, keep on reading about the ways you can maintain your septic system this winter season and why you should get professional septic services in Dallas TX ASAP: 

Keep the water flowing 

Moving water does not freeze. Hence, make sure that the water is flowing through the system every day. For many active homes, this is not an issue. Usage for dishwashing, laundry, showers and regular plumbing must give sufficient action to keep the liquid within the tank from freezing.  

With that, never let a faucet continuously run, and never overload your tank. Remember that excessive water within the tank can result in many issues. When you’re worried about your freezing pipes, it’s best to insulate them and maintain a particular heat level within your home all the time, at least 60° F. 

Winterize your pipes and house 

If you don’t have any plans to live in a particular house during the winter season, it would be best to have your plumbing and home winterized before the cold kicks in. Get the septic tank pumped, drain them, and then have your pipes winterized. Once you open your house once more during the springtime, have the particular septic system inspected once more for any indicators of winter damage.  

Check for signs of leaks or cracks.  

Check your tank lid or manhole cover and the area around them for signs of damage or cracks. Make sure that water cannot reach your septic tank. Moreover, the drainage system of your tank must be checked for debris, clogs, and other issues that can affect proper drainage. As you check on things, pay attention to where your manhole cover or tank lid is placed in case it will be covered with snow during the winter season.  

Inspect for water leaks in your house 

Similar to how crucial it is to inspect the tank lids for damage or cracks, it is also vital to ensure that water leaks are removed within your home as well. Keep in mind that you should never see any extra water within your tank. Moreover, leaky faucets can result in interior damage especially when they are left unattended. 

Never park equipment or cars above your septic system 

Once the ground is frozen it might never appear like a problem to park in the yard or on a sand mound system near your septic tank. However, the experts highly suggest that you should prevent parking near or on your septic system throughout the year. Keep in mind that the weight of your trucks or cars can eventually cause damage to your baffles, pipes, laterals, or tank. So, as much as possible, it’s best to park your vehicles in the right parking lot where it is safe for your septic systems.